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Conquest V4 1-4×24


Proven to be exactly the right scope for hunting at short range and in situations when fast target acquisition is essential.


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ZEISS Conquest V4 1-4×24

High-quality optics for rugged hunting use.

Proven to be exactly the right riflescope for hunting at short range and in situations when fast target acquisition is essential.

  • Wide field of view and true 1x setting (both eyes open)
  • Elevation turret options: capped or external (locking, single turn turret with Ballistic Stop)
  • Fixed parallax
  • Reticles:
    – Plex Illum. Reticle (#60) – Capped Elevation Turret – .50 MOA – Fixed Parallax
    – ZQAR Illum. Reticle (#62) – Ext. Elevation Turret, Locking, Single Turn – Ballistic Stop – .5 MOA – Fixed Parallax
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The Conquest V4 family is based on a 4x zoom ratio, incorporates a 30 mm main tube, and consists of the 1-4×24, 3-12×56, 4-16×44, and 6-24×50 models. Each model delivers 90% to the-eye light transmission, offers .25 MOA click values, capped windage adjustment, second focal plane reticle designs, and a large range of total elevation and windage travel adjustment. The 1-4×24 model is available with either capped or external elevation turrets, while the 3-12×56 version comes standard with capped elevation and windage turrets. The 4-16×44 and 6-24×50 models have external elevation turrets. Within the Conquest® V4 product line, all external elevation turrets also include ZEISS’ Ballistic Stop feature to ensure an absolute and positive return to zero under any conditions.

There are several reticle options available. These include traditional plex-style reticles, as well as ZEISS’ newest ZMOA and ZBR MOA-based smart reticles. The ZQAR reticle, available with the 1-4×24 model, represents an intelligent reticle design, based upon certain 223 Remington and 308 Winchester ammunition ballistics. Illuminated reticles are standard for the 1-4×24 model and optional for the 3-12×56 and 6-24×50 models. A magnification power throw lever is available as an optional accessory.

The Conquest® V4 models are backed by ZEISS’ Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Five-Year No-Fault Policy. These riflescopes serve a wide range of hunting and shooting applications, are packed with unique features, perform beyond expectations in their price range, and provide exceptional value.

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Plex Illum. Reticle (#60), ZQAR Illum. Reticle (#62)

Zeiss Scope Reticles

Not all reticles are available for each scope, to see the available options for this scope please see the options section above.

Reticle 20


The equally fine Reticle 20 also sits in the 2nd image plane. It therefore offers particularly precise aiming for long-range shooting in daylight. With the 20, the posts are in the shape of arrows pointing to the fine lines in the middle. This makes it possible to aim with great precision at particularly small targets.

Reticle 6


The non-illuminated reticle 6 lies in the second image plane, remains constant while changing magnification and is universally useable: The reticle is always clearly visible when taking quick shots at low magnification, yet stays very fine and only covers the target minimally at higher magnifications.

Reticle 60


The Reticle 60 is lighter and finer in looks than the similar Reticle 40. The posts only cover half­ the area, leaving double the amount of space between them. This makes it perfect for precision shooting with minimum coverage of the target game. At 12 x magnification and a target coverage of just 0.55 cm at 100 m you keep a good overview without losing sight of the finer details. The illuminated dot is very bright, and can therefore be used for daytime hunting. The dot can be finely adjusted, which makes it ideal for night-time hunting too. The reticle is in the 2nd image plane in each riflescope.

Reticle 62


Specialized MOA-based ballistic drop reticle design. For quick target acquisition with close-range targets. It incorporates an intelligent design and markings for more distant shots. Designed around certain 223 Rem. and 308 Win. ammunition ballistics. It is partically illuminated to aid in quick reticle reference against contrasting targets.

Reticle 43


The very fine central crosshairs carry a number of points, which lie exactly 10 cm apart at  100 m at 12 x magnification. With its roots in English-speaking markets, it is also known as the”Mildot” reticle, as the angle between the points is equal to 1 milliradian = 10 cm / 100 m. This reticle also gives you the option, as with the Reticle 4, of estimating distances.


ZEISS ZBR and ZMOA ballistic reticles feature fixed MOA subtensions. The number followed by the reticle name (e.g ZBR-“1”) indicates the distance in MOA between the hashmarks [Distance “A” – e.g. “1” MOA]. The hashmarks on the horizontal and vertical crosshairs can be used for windage and elevation compensation, and for target ranging, when used with the optimum magnification setting stated in the charts.



MOA-based smart reticle design. The hash marks represent two MOA spacing at a pre-established power/magnification settings. Very helpful for long-range shooting and hunting.


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